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pdt-architect is a registered practice with the RIAI,
the representative body for Architects in Ireland
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Architectural thought and intervention can improve your home. Most of us thrive in bright, well designed spaces and an architect has the creativity, skills and experience to transform your current house into a better space to live.

A creatively designed extension can add space which is airy and integrated into everyday life while maximising the use of orientation, garden etc.

A thoughtful renovation can release the potential of a house and enable you to maximise the enjoyment of your home.

The conversion of an attic or garage can give you valuable additional space, increasing your capacity for living, working and enjoying life.

Often a combination of extending, renovating and converting your house will optimise the potential of your home.

My architectural service for Home Improvement works will be tailored to your requirements. The level of
 fees will depend on size and complexity and would be agreed before design work commences.

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